Doubles Summer Menu

Double yolk    ( V/O )	14
Two eggs cooked your way served on sourdough 
with roasted tomato & red pepper puree
+	Mushrooms	2
+	Bacon	2
+	Salmon	3
Club Champ    ( GF, V/O )	22-24
Two poached eggs, house-made potato & kumara rosti, fresh baby spinach, 
hollandaise sauce, and your choice of:
Braised portabello mushroom	22
Bacon	22
Smoked salmon	24
Smoky avocado smash    ( V, DF, VG/O )	22
On multi grain toast with coriander, toasted seeds, and your choice of 
a poached egg or grilled mushrooms
Chia, Coconut & vanilla Panacotta    ( gf, VG )	21
with matcha marinated berries, and toasted coconut	
Croffle	22-24
A buttery, flaky waffle-pressed croissant 
•	SWEET	22
Cherry & black pepper compote, coconut yogurt, candy hazelnut, brown cheese
Fried chicken, maple bacon crumb, orange puree, maple syrup
Courtside bowl    ( GF, VG )	22 
Tandoori roasted cauliflower, deep fried tofu with a miso & ginger dressing, marinated kale, 
brown rice quinoa, edamame beans, picked red cabbage, crispy spiced chickpeas
Omu-rice    ( GF, V )	19
Doubles take on a Japanese classic. 
Vegetable fried rice, scrambled egg, with a demi glace sauce
+	Fried chicken	5
D.F.C    ( GF/O )	17
Doubles coated fried chicken, Korean style buffalo sauce, herb ranch sauce, 
and sweet pickled cucumber 
Waffle fries	10
with Kewpie mayo & house made tomato sauce
Loaded waffles fries	16
with grilled kimchi, cheddar cheese, fresh coriander, Kewpie mayo, toasted seeds